100 MHz UHF band and Medium wave

Our company transmits the radio channels of two radio media service providers (four public service programmes and one commercial programme) on the 100MHz UHF band through national terrestrial broadcasting.

These channels are: the UHF broadcasts of public KossuthPetőfi and Bartók  and Dankó radio stations (Magyar Rádió Nonprofit Zrt.).

The coverage of the Kossuth programme of the Hungarian Radio is 90 percent (47 transmitters), the Petőfi has a 86 percent coverage (with 16 transmitters), and Bartók has a 68 percent coverage (with 32 transmitters).

Beyond our national broadcasting operations we transmit the programmes of two regional (Sláger FM, Music FM) and one local (Radio 451) commercial media service providers in the 100MHz UHF band.

As an auxiliary and value added service our transmitters operating in the 100MHz UHF band also transmit RDS signals in addition to the radio broadcasts. At the moment the following information is available to the audience: channel name, programme type identification, automatic alternate frequency selection, traffic announcements and radio text transmission.

On the medium wave band - beside the partial broadcasting of the programme of Dankó Radio - we broadcast the programme of Kossuth Radio with nationwide coverage from the Solt transmitter station, and the Nemzetiségi adások programme (Minority programme) is also broadcast on this band by 5 transmitters (Marcali, Pécs, Lakihegy, Szolnok, Győr) with 92 percent coverage (daytime).

Coverage maps: Kossuth KH, Kossuth (URH-FM), Petőfi, Bartók, Dankó Rádió, Nemzetiségi adások (Minority Programme)

Körzeti adóhálózatok




 Sláger FM

 Budapest (Széchenyi-hegy)

  95,8 MHz

 Rádió 1 

 Budapest (Széchenyi-hegy)

  89,5 MHz

 Manna FM

 Budapest (Széchenyi-hegy)

  98,6 MHz

 Rádió Dikh

 Budapest (Száva utca)

 100,3 MHz

 Nemzeti Sportrádió

 Budapest (Száva utca)

 105,9 MHz