The reconstruction works of the Solt AM transmitter coming to a close – expect improved sound quality for listeners

Nearly 18 months of reconstruction have come to a close at Solt, Antenna Hungária’s largest radio transmitter, resulting in a complete overhaul of the AM transmitter site, which was put into operation forty years ago. As a result of the project, the old Soviet-made transmitter has now been replaced by modern transmitting equipment, both more efficient and more energy-efficient than the former one, which will result in a distinct improvement in sound quality for listeners within and outside Hungary.


Antenna Hungária’s completely refurbished Solt transmitter was inaugurated with all due ceremony, in the presence of top NMHH, MTVA and AH executives, on 1 December 2017. The radio licence of the new transmitter was personally handed over by NMHH’s Director General Dr Janka Börcs and Dr Péter Vári, Deputy Director-General to Antenna Hungária CEO Dr András Kápolnai.

The most important part of the 18-month Solt reconstruction project was the replacement of the Soviet-made vacuum-tube transmitter, in operation for the past forty years, with a modern, semiconductor transmitter supplied by Nautel of Canada, consisting of five transmitter blocks of a capacity of 400kW each. While the 2 MW carrier capacity of the new transmitter is equivalent to the previous one, its efficiency is around 90%  better;  consequently, it has a significantly lower power consumption. Moreover, the operation of the new transmitter can be placed on modern foundations, i.e. it can be remotely controlled where the PAs can be replaced under operation, without any reduction in output. Representing cutting-edge technology, the new transmitter is capable of switching between analogue AM broadcast mode to digital DRM mode at the press of a button.

Apart from the replacement of transmitter equipment, the project included other substantial projects, such as a complete heavy-current overhaul, including the reconstruction of the high-voltage 120 kV substation and the laying of new earth cables powering the transmitter. The building energy reconstruction has included a complete renewal of the more than forty-year-old transmitter building in full compliance with conservation requirements; new heat insulation and new doors and windows have been installed, while the outdoor and indoor lighting systems have been implemented using modern and energy-efficient LED technology. The project has also included significant safety and security technology installations, including the building of a new fence around the site, the installation of a new radar CCTV system and the renewal of the fire alarm system.

The Solt AM radio station broadcasts the programmes of the Kossuth radio station on the AM band. Outside Hungary, its coverage extends to a substantial part of Transylvania, Vojvodina, and Slovakia. The unquestionable improvement in sound quality, resulting from the project, will benefit all Hungarian listeners.


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