NauBit SmartBoat service now available for boaters

Antenna Hungária has completed its IoT network rollout around Lake Balaton

Hungary’s leading state-owned wireless network telecommunications provider, Antenna Hungária Zrt, has rolled out its IoT (Internet of Things) network around Lake Balaton. The first service in the new network, the innovative NauBit SmartBoat by NauBit iSol Kft, is available from Mid-May for boaters on Lake Balaton. No internet subscription or SIM card is needed for the service: the onboard computer forwards data from the sensors through the IoT network in a cost-efficient manner. Data can also be checked and reviewed through a smartphone application.

Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most promising innovations in the info-communication industry. IoT refers to the internetworking of physical devices and network connectivity that enable these devices to collect and exchange data in a cost-efficient manner; thus making everyday life simpler and easier for users. Experts unanimously agree that IoT has huge growth potential over the next few years. As a result, Hungary’s leading state-owned wireless network telecommunications provider Antenna Hungária Zrt has completed the implementation of its IoT network, which the company gradually plans to extend to other parts of the country.

IoT uses Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) technology, designed for interconnecting devices with low-bandwidth connectivity, focusing on range and power efficiency. Interconnected end-point communication devices can share small-sized data packages, and have minimal energy consumption and a long lifetime. The Long Range (LoRa) radio technology allows wireless communication between devices within a range of several tens of kilometres. Implementation and extension of LPWAN is relatively simple, and its low cost and could result in considerable savings for corporate clients.

Implementation of Antenna Hungária IoT network has been completed around Lake Balaton as a first step. AH has decades of experience in implementing wireless networks and operates a nationwide network of repair services and sites. Besides offering network services, AH is able to provide comprehensive IoT solutions for its clients through its  large portfolio of data analysis tools and applications.  

As the first service of the new network - also being the first commercially available narrowband IoT service in Hungary - the innovative SmartBoat by NauBit iSol, will be available from mid-May on Lake Balaton. 3 types of devices are available for boaters:

NauBit SmartBoat tracker is a tracking device, which makes it possible to track the speed, direction of movement, and navigation path of a boat.  The NauBit smartboat version can be connected to a smartphone, making it possible to use as a full-fledged compass and virtual instrument dashboard over an application as part of the service. This device also monitors other systems of the boat such as the boat’s battery status, or functions of the boat engine. The mobile app supports the skipper to complete navigation and other tasks successfully during races. The website features coordinates of start, finish and manouvering bouyes of regattas, thereby allowing the application to assist in exact navigation. Among a number of data, the application calculates VMG speed, thereby assisting the skipper’s strategy. Using data from the IoT network, movement of the vessel can be followed by the help of a generated 3G model.

NauBit SmartBoat premium is enabled to connect to other existing instruments of the boat, uploading data through the network into the database. Among others it delivers exact wind data, not only apparent, but also actual wind speed and direction. Using this exact data, the boat can be tracked with a maximally realistic 3D model, and with the help of the webtool, friends and supporters ashore can become virtual passengers onboard the sailing boat.

Whichever SmartBoat solution is chosen, it is possible to track data of the boat over a website, even sharing it on a portal, or via social media.

The NauBit SmartBoat also provides a solution to charter companies, enabling them to raise security and comfort levels of their service, thus providing a new kind of experience to boat renters as well.

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