Event mamagement

In July 2019 the Company entered into a framework agreement with the National Communications Authority on the basis of Shareholders’ Resolution No. 4/2019 of 4 June 2019 regarding the provision of services related to the event management tasks regulated in Government Decree No. 247/2014 of 1 October 2014 on the National Communications Authority and the Centralised Public Procurement System of Government Communication Procurements to organisations falling or voluntarily placing themselves under the scope of the decree. To perform these tasks, AH has set up a new unit called the Event Management Division and provides event technology services under the auspices of this unit while also coordinating full event management tasks.



Antenna Hungária’s event technology team creates a quality framework for sporting events, festivals, TV productions and other mass events by designing and implementing complex audiovisual systems. We turn the entire stage, sound and lighting technology base of an event into a complete visual experience with LED wall displays, bringing the event to life.

Antenna Hungária began its event technology activity in the domestic market in July 2017 when it organised the World Aquatics Championships. On 1 October that year the Event Technology Department was set up, charged with the fundamental task of providing the technical background for major state occasions and sporting events.   

In addition to supplying equipment for our own events, we regularly lease sound and lighting equipment to our partners, which further increases the rate of utilisation of the equipment.
In 2018 we leased a total of 420 m2 of LED wall.

By the end of 2018, the Division was able to build full stage, sound and lighting systems and to provide a complete audiovisual experience by utilising our unique assemblage of LED wall equipment.


Antenna Hungária’s sound systems meet the acoustic needs of all events, irrespective of size, where quality and fail-safe operation are among the key criteria.

We offer you the highest quality sound systems of our time:

Our professional Meyer Sound system consists of a unique assemblage of high fidelity, exceptionally reliable equipment which, in terms of both quantity and quality, is able to cater even for symphony concerts.

The latest generation of Meyer Sound loudspeakers have been used on world tours by performers such as Metallica, the Dave Matthews Band, Journey and Ed Sheeran.

The same is true of our DiGiCo mixing consoles, which are not only outstanding as regards their services, but also have real redundancy, i.e. if a fault occurs in the main mixing console connected to the system, the reserve assumes its role unnoticed. The stage devices collecting inputs and the mixing consoles are also in redundant connection with each other using an optical ring, from which the mixing consoles connected to the system can work as desired from up to 400 inputs. Apart from this, Avid VENUE S6L is also available to make your dreams come true.

If providing the sound for a very large area is required, Antenna Hungária has a solution for this as well. Its IP-based audio transmission system is completely transparent, which enables sound to be carried for long distances, even kilometres, without any loss of quality. The security of the transmission is guaranteed by a double-redundant optical ring, which can be damaged in several places without affecting the transmission.

Our LED wall totalling 1,600 m2 is able to meet the most unusual customer requirements and allows installations to be designed that can be combined according to Hungarian and international expectations. Made to television broadcasting standards, perfect picture quality is ensured. Other visual display devices include projectors (experience projection, building painting) and digital signage columns (emergency information systems, visitor information).

High-performance lighting devices are available for unusually large-scale productions in theatre and arena environments using show-light systems (show lights, competition lighting, fog machine).


Stage elements, trusses, barriers

Generators, back-up power supply


National Communications Authority: Hungarofest Non-profit Company, CED Central European Economic Development Network Non-profit Company, National Sports Agency Non-profit Company, Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency Non-profit Company, NISZ National Infocommunications Service Company, Hungarian Development Bank, Prime Minister’s Office, Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister, NIF National Infrastructure Development Company, Ministry for Innovation and Technology, Edutus University, Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency 

Sports federations: Hungarian Table Tennis Association, Hungarian Swimming Federation, Hungarian Modern Pentathlon Federation, Hungarian Fencing Federation, Hungarian Canoe Federation


Other: Sziget Kulturális Menedzser Iroda Kft., Irub Kft., Moonlight Event Kft., United World Wrestling (UWW), Ostermann Kft., Hungaroring Sport Zrt.



State events: Remembrance Day of the 1956 Revolution and Freedom Fight, Anniversary of the 1848/49 Revolution and War of Independence, National Solidarity Day (Trianon), 30 Years of Freedom - Freedom Concert, national holiday on 20 August, international press conferences

Festivals: VOLT Festival, Derby Festival - Kincsem Park, Balaton Sound, SZIGET Festival, Szerencsejáték Zrt. - Bryan Adams concert

Conferences: Media Hungary 2019, Internet Hungary 2019, Infotér Balatonfüred 2019, ITM Conference, Demographic Summit, Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency - professional conference, 2nd International Conference on the Persecution of Christians 

National Communications Authority: CED - Carpathian Basin Economic EXPO 2019, Hungarian Fashion & Design Agency,  NIF National Infrastructure Development Company, Hungary 365 Photo Competition, Asia-Europe Meeting - Transport Ministers’ Meeting 

Sport: HUNGARORING (ETRC, WTCR, F1, ...), Grand Prix, World and National Fencing Championships, GKK Sabre World Cup, World Modern Pentathlon Championships, World Table Tennis Championships, FINA Junior World Championships, World Canoe Sprint Championship, V4 Future Sports Festival, All Star Polo Gala, World Robot Olympiad 2019 International Final (robot building and programming)

Television productions: Magyarország Szeretlek, Fölszállott a páva, A DAL, X-Faktor 2019, European Mountain Bike Championships, European Wrestling Championships, World Table Tennis Championships, World Fencing Championships, World Canoe Sprint Championships, V4 Future Sports Festival



In 2018, the Event Technology Division was involved in providing technical services for sporting events, festivals, television productions and other mass events which earned recognition for the whole of Antenna Hungária in Hungary and abroad.

By designing and assembling complex technological systems, the Company aided the technical realisation of three major state occasions in 2018 on the national holidays held in the capital on 15 March, 20 August and 23 October.

The Company undertook to provide high-standard technical support for events related to the programmes of the Hungarian presidency of the Visegrad Four (V4) in 2018, including cultural, sporting and public events, and the full range of stage, sound, light and LED projection event services for productions reaching a wide Hungarian audience, such as the Red Bull Air Race, the Sziget Festival and Sting’s concert in Budapest’s Heroes Square.

In 2018, the Company completed the technical realisation of more than twenty Hungarian sporting contests, including assembling AV systems at world events according to international requirements (e.g. the Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix, the FINA Swimming World Cup and the World Wrestling Championship). By the end of 2018, the Division was able to build full stage, sound and lighting systems and to provide a complete audiovisual experience by utilising our unique assemblage of LED wall equipment.