Available services

Generation of programme-carrying signals, providing the full staff required:

  • Technical personnel (technical managers, video engineers, video editors, sound engineers, live broadcast managers, closed caption and subtitle technicians, microphone technicians, broadcast wiremen, delivery van drivers), adjusted to the size of the production part
  • If required, Antenna Hungária is able to provide members of the creative crew (director, lead camera operator, cameramen, EVS operators and graphic artists).


Signal transmission: as part of the service, satellite signal transmission is provided as required between broadcast vehicles and the client’s headquarters.
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Online streaming signal transmission, enabling the delivery of live or recorded programme-carrying signals (including of HD quality) on Internet-ready mobile equipment, using our high-capacity server and telecommunications connection infrastructure (CDN system) for the online delivery of audiovisual content.
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Non-linear services: relying on our household television service, we have obtained significant experience creating non-linear services, including the creation of OTT interfaces and applications, embedded online content etc.
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Benefits of using Antenna Hungária to produce your programmes

  • Established processes: Antenna Hungária offers established production processes and experience in handling services, enabling a simple and easy service provision
  • Professional competence based on years of experience: The expertise of our production experts and our system engineers having established and supervising the CDN system has been crucial in maintaining our service standards and the completed production
  • Instantly available services: Our staff members and equipment are immediately available, without the need to roll out or develop services, purchase equipment, train personnel etc.
  • Innovation: In addition to programme production, Antenna Hungária offers a number of services that are unavailable from other service providers; we are open to develop new solutions
  • One stop shop: In the field of programme production, broadcasting and signal transmission, Antenna Hungária has years or decades of experience. Since responsibility is in one hand, service standards are guaranteed throughout the process